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Privacy Policy

The address of our page is:
Company name J & B Ladenis SA, Knitwear Industry
Headquarters: 6th km Thessaloniki / Oreokastro, 56429 Nea Efkarpia Thessaloniki.
Call Center 2310 683110 fax 2310 683259
Email addresses:,

The business has formed a privacy statement accordance to GDPR

What data do we collect and why do we collect them?

When you visit our site, we collect the visitor's IP address and browser. This helps us improve your usage experience and help in detecting unwanted messages and security breaches. We also collect the information you send us when you sign up or on the contact form. Items are retained and stored without a time limit. When signing up for the site, you consent to the general terms of use and modification as described here.


We use cookies (small text files) that are necessary to organize and improve the user experience. You can easily delete them from your browser by following each manufacturer's instructions. For each new visitor we show a special warning at the bottom of the page that we use cookies.


We use web analytics services that track and store data for your visits. We do not use these services to recognize you in a unique way, but only to have an overview of general data on the extent and the rate of visits of all visitors to our site.

Share / Receive data to third parties

We may share data you submit to forms on our website with our partners. In any case, we do not disclose your personal data but only the data: mobile or email. In no other case we transmit personal data to third parties.

In no event do we receive information about our visitors from third parties.

How long do we keep your data and how do we protect it?

Your personal information and purchases are kept in the corporate system in accordance with applicable law including provisions on security and confidentiality of data and the principle of lawful processing. They are stored for as long as necessary to meet the targets for which they were collected. The criteria I use are the need to comply with any legal requirement, the principle of minimizing data and the need for rational management. It is necessary to store the data at least for as long as it is required to meet contractual and legal obligations. We use strong cryptography when transmitting the information you give us.

What rights do you have in your data?

You may request to receive an export record of personal data we hold for you. You may request that you delete the personal data we hold for you. This does not include data that we are required to keep for administrative, legal or security reasons. You can sign in to our code-based website to view or modify the data you have created and maintained in your own user account.

Your rights are as follows:

  • Recall Consent
  • Access request
  • Correction of personal data
  • Delete personal data
  • Restrict the processing of personal data
  • Request for automated decision making and profile creation

What procedures have we predicted in case of a violation?

Data on the breach, collected to the competent authorities,
The violation is interrupted by technical means
All facilities are provided to law enforcement authorities to investigate violations
Data disclosure requirements

If required by the applicable institutional framework or by police authorities, or if there is an official decision of a court or an independent authority, we may be required to disclose personal information regarding visitors to our site.

Contact for Privacy Policy

For any matter concerning the regulation you can contact